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Seating furniture at ISSØE

A life without chairs? Rather not. We all need chairs in different sizes, with or without cushioning, with or without back and arm support. A chair fits in nearly every room in your house. How do you find the perfect one? That of course greatly depends on where you want it – and what you need it for. A chair should be comfortable. Period. Everything else is subsidiary, right? Not really, no. A little eye candy shouldn’t hurt, either. Are you looking to buy chairs with that special touch? Seating that’s more than just a comfortable chair? Discover the ISSØE selection of seating furniture now.

Sit comfortably, and in style

At ISSØE, you don’t just buy a chair. You buy carefully selected pieces of seating furniture. Who wouldn’t love the simplicity of this barstool? Its design takes us back to the seventies, yet it can be an excellent eye catcher in various interior styles. Are you looking for a cosy love seat? Allow yourself to fall in love with this Scandinavian sofa. Comfortable seats that are ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing? Our dining room chairs are the perfect match for long, pleasant talks at the dinner table. Think you found your perfect match in our selection of chairs? Don’t hesitate for too long: our collections can be delivered for limited times only.

ISSØE: love for functional and aesthetically pleasing interior accessories

ISSØE originates from a shared love for interior accessories and furniture – items that do what they’re supposed to without forgetting their aesthetic value. We select what we find alluring, what we love, and most importantly: what we’d rather put in our own homes (but unfortunately, our homes aren’t big enough to fit every piece of furniture we select). Your interior reflects who you are and what you think is important. And so, looking for the perfect seating furniture makes perfect sense. In our webshop, you can not only buy chairs, you can also find the right furniture and accessories to serve you and your home for the many years to come.